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  • ​​​BALANCE​ healthy blood sugar levels

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Hey it's us again and we're gonna make this SUPER fast because we know you're probably like us and have karate lessons to get to...

So now that you have your VEGGIES (aka your "greens"...)

Now it's time to get your "REDS"!

That's why we want to offer you this one-time special deal to
get your FRUITS with our Zuma Red Juice!

Our Zuma Red Juice is PACKED with even MORE antioxidant, polyphenol goodness that may help...

  • INCREASE weight loss efforts — thanks to a boosted metabolism[2,3,4]
  • DOUBLE your energy (...goes hand-in-hand with Zuma Greens, giving you the double-whammy of nutritional super power!)
  • ​SATISFY any sweet-tooth with its delicious fruit punch flavor (...it's so good kids enjoy it like a treat... plus it's SUGAR FREE!)
  • ​BOOST digestion & immune health (with DOUBLE... EVEN TRIPLE the antioxidant + fiber richness)
  • ​​​BALANCE healthy blood sugar levels (without the erratic spike that comes from energy drinks and sodas...)



And it doesn't stop there...

Once you begin to "rip, sip, and kick-butt" with BOTH your Zuma Greens and your Zuma Reds...

You'll start to feel as if you can accomplish TWICE as much in a day...

Your thoughts will feel more clearer thanks to the detoxifying goodies from your Zuma Green Juice...

But NOW with Zuma Red Juice, your thoughts can start to be channeled into serious MOTIVATION!

Imagine those tasks that tend to fill your to-do list...

You know... the ones that you never seem to get around to finishing...

There's always so much to do in a day, right?

And many times this can lead to a feeling of "paralysis" where you don't where to start...

Where you end up "spinning your wheels," not getting anywhere fast...

Listen, we get it, we're just like you...

That's why we spent MONTHS to create a super-powerful reds formula that can help you...


100% Yummy Satisfaction, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Remember, there is still ZERO RISK to you when you add more boxes of Zuma Green Juice today.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your order of Zuma Green Juice, then you can return your order for a full refund and zero hassle.

(pssst... we know that probably won't happen because we're THAT yummy and satisfying, but just in case, we want you to know you're 100% covered.)

Get MORE Accomplished In A 24-Hour Period

With A Flood Of Polyphenol Powers!

Polyphenols are like "concentrated antioxidants" that offer even better protection against oxidative damage that cause our bodies to slow down...

Our special one-of-a-kind “tonic” drink is made with the perfect blend of organic superfruits that are packed with motivating-boosting polyphenols...

Take a look:

Each indivudal packet of
Zuma Red Juice contains 31 superfruits like, including organic pomegranate, organic acai berry, and organic mangosteen, which may help...

  • Boost metabolism strength
  • Support healthy blood flow
  • Combat free radicals that can cause us to feel "worn out"...

Then we have organic goji fruit, organic elderberry extract, organic raspberry, organic apple, and organic cherry, which may help...

  • "Dial-down" overwhelming inflammation issues... giving us more mobility without the constant aches and pains!
  • All-day natural energy without the caffeine or added sugars
  • Strengthen immune support to keep us out of bed and on our feet

And even though these next exotic ingredients don't come cheap...

We just knew we needed to have organic maqui, organic camu-camu, and organic lucuma. Because when these superfruits work together, they may help...

  • Shed exccess pounds for slimmer look and feel
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels and insulin response
  • Peak digestion health... giving you that "light" feeling all day long!

PLUS a TON of other superfruit goodness and extra fiber to help you feel amazing, head-to-toe, inside and out!

Oh, and the BEST PART?

It tastes like you're drinking a delicious fruit punch drink, and yet, it's still...

100% Naturally Sugar-Free!

Zuma Red Juice is naturally sweet thanks to the perfect blend of exotic superfruits, and just a dash of stevia and monkfruit to really bring out the mouth-watering fruit punch flavor!

This makes it an ideal treat to drink for any lifestyle (whether you're doing keto or going vegan)... or anytime you want MORE power to energize your day!

So, How Much?

So here’s the deal...

In our store, we normally sell our Zuma Red Juice for a $97 /box which as you know is a bargain in its own right..

Considering that 
each packet contains 31 superfruits, many of which costs hundreds of dollars per pound if you were to buy them separately... (not to mention, where can you find organic camu-camu these days...?)

It’s no wonder why our customers love paying our normal price because they see the value in the organic superfruit blends and experience the health benefits first-hand...

However, because you're here today, and because you’re our newest Zuma member that sees the value in our company’s mission to provide fun nutrition that’s delicious and convenient...

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Psssshh.... we're not even going to make you pay close to that amount...

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However, we need to make something crystal clear...

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Zuma Red Juice is not available in stores, nor is it available on Amazon.

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When you add 1 box of Zuma Red Juice today, you're still covered by our no-nonsense, iron glad, 60-day money back guarantee.

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