Transform Your Passion For Unfair Advantage into Profits...

Welcome to the Unfair Advantage Affiliate Program - your ticket to combining your passion for health and wellness with the opportunity to earn substantial rewards!

Our unique three-tier structure offers a compelling mix of benefits for your direct referrals, your network, and even for getting started. Here’s how it plays out:

Tier #1

Kickstart Rewards

Get off to a flying start with us! You'll earn Advantage Bucks for your first three referrals, redeemable against any Unfair Advantage products or programs. It's our way of thanking you for beginning this exciting journey!


Direct Comissions

Post your kickstart, for every purchase made by a customer you've directly referred, you'll earn a handsome commission. We take pride in offering an average of 30% commission across our affiliate network.


Network Comissions

The benefits continue as your network expands. If you introduce other affiliates to our program, you'll receive a 5% commission on all sales they generate. This system allows you to broaden your earnings as you nurture your network.

Tier #4

Profit Sharing

Our commitment to your success extends beyond commissions. As a top-performing affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to share in the company's profits. We believe in recognizing and rewarding our most dedicated affiliates with a piece of the success they help to create.

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Why should you be a part of the Unfair Advantage Affiliate Program?

  • Dynamic Earnings: Our four-tiered program provides diverse avenues for you to earn, thereby ensuring a consistent income stream.
  • ​Promote a Cause You Believe In: By endorsing Unfair Advantage, you're supporting a movement that strives to enhance health and wellness through scientific innovation.
  • Enjoy Exclusive Perks: As an affiliate, you'll have early access to new products, exclusive discounts, and personalized training to amplify your success.

Join us in our mission to redefine health and wellness standards. Enroll in the Unfair Advantage Affiliate Program today, and embark on this fulfilling journey with us!

"The Unfair Advantage Affiliate Program is such a standout! I love being part of something that promotes health and wellness backed by solid science. The best part? They genuinely value us affiliates, which is a breath of fresh air!"

Molly Richards, Fitness Influencer

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