3 Steps to Get Fit & Look Younger Over 50

By Natalie Jill

If you feel like you’ve tried everything…Or you keep starting over and nothing’s working like it did in your 20s and 30s, this is for you…In the words of Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Here’s the deal…If nothing changes… then, nothing changes. When we hit our 40s, 50s, and 60s, we need to change things up for better results…But in order to do that, we’ve got to get our mindset right first.

I know, I know. Mindset isn’t sexy. It’s the piece everyone THINKS they have down, but in reality, 90% of people don’t. We’ll get to the strategies for fitness, nutrition, and supplements, too…But hear me out on the mindset thing because if you don’t truly believe it’s possible…it’s not. I know because I’ve had to “reinvent myself” twice.

I was 36 years old with a newborn, overweight, in the middle of a divorce and losing my home, when I decided ENOUGH...I’m not going to let this define me or become my future.

So I started getting in shape, committing to becoming a fitness model…even when ‘friends’ laughed at me. I didn’t get my first cover until I was in my 40s!

When I found myself struggling to maintain my results as I approached 50 due to multiple injuries…torn biceps, broken foot, and toe surgery all back to back to back…

I decided to figure it out and make the changes I needed to make to be in my best shape at 50+.

Both of these situations required a major mindset shift. So here are 3 simple steps to change your mindset around aging and fuel actions that will help you look and feel fitter and younger in your midlife years….

These 3 steps not only helped me when I was “stuck”, but they’ve also helped thousands of women I’ve worked with over the years. Yes, the fitness, nutrition and supplement stuff is in there, too. But I truly believe mindset is the most important and the missing piece for so many.

3 steps to get fit & look younger when nothing else is working

Step 1: DECIDE

We make decisions every day, whether it's about what to eat, how to spend our time, or which goals to pursue.

We either DECIDE to accept the midlife lies - that our best years are behind us, and that gaining weight and feeling like crap are just a part of the aging process.

Or we DECIDE to choose a different outcome for ourselves - that our best years are yet to come and that we’ll be the healthiest, fittest version of ourselves in our midlife years.

Which do YOU choose? What have you already decided is possible?

If anyone else in your situation has done it, then it’s possible for you, too.

Make a declaration – write it down, share it with the world, and commit to it.

Step 2: Create a VISION

It’s time to start dreaming again. You’re never too old, and it’s never too late to have a new vision and new goals.

Take a moment to imagine the person you want to become a year from now.

What does the future version of YOU look like?

  • ​How does it feel to be that person?
  • ​What are you wearing?
  • ​What are you eating?
  • ​How do you spend your time?
  • ​Who do you spend your time with?

When you establish a vision, you can start taking actions that align with it.

Instead of snoozing the alarm, you'll be hitting the gym. You'll opt for nourishing meals over junk food, and you'll surround yourself with positive people who support your vision.

What would you want your life to look like if anything were possible?

Step 3: Take ACTION.

When you ACT as if you already are the person you want to be, you naturally become that person.

If your goal is to become the healthiest, fittest version of yourself in midlife…

Here are 5 essential actions that will help you become that person:

Action #1: Get Proper Nutrition

First, focus on getting enough protein and phytonutrients (found in vegetables) in your diet. Protein helps build and maintain muscle, which is crucial to keeping your metabolism going strong at 40+.

And the phytonutrients in veggies help fight off free radicals not only helping you to be healthier but also look younger.

Rule of thumb is ideally 10 servings of veggies per day and 1g of protein per pound of your ideal body weight. Make these a priority daily.

Action #2: Focus on Progressive Strength Training

If you want to change your body composition, strength training is a must! As we age, we lose muscle mass if we don’t work to maintain it. The less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism.

Strength training can include lifting weights or just lifting your body. Bodyweight training is a great place to start and super effective because of the mind / muscle connection.

Regardless of the type of strength training you choose, you also need to add intensity and progression to your workouts. The same 3 sets of 12 over and over again won’t yield new results. You need to change it up and continually challenge your body with more reps, more weight or different exercises.

Action #3: Do Regular Lab Testing

Regular lab testing via blood and urine is crucial for understanding your changing hormones and health markers as you age.

This can help you identify deficiencies and areas where your body may need some extra support in the form of supplements. After all, if you can't measure it, you can't change it.

Clark and I both do our bloodwork and labs to check 75+ markers every six months at a minimum, and we adjust our supplement protocol accordingly.

Action #4: Use Good Quality Supplements

I used to think we could get all the nutrients we need from a healthy diet. Until I learned about the depreciation of nutrients in our food today due to environmental toxins and farming practices. I am now a firm believer that EVERYONE needs supplemental support. Outside of mindset, one of the biggest changes I’ve made to stay fit over 50 is adjusting the supplements I take.

Consider incorporating whole food supplements that support hormones, collagen production and bone health, as these play a crucial role in maintaining overall health as we age.

Click here for my favorite top notch, whole food supplements to support the entire body in midlife. They’re backed by science and are based on thousands upon thousands of labs done on people over 40. Clark & I both highly recommend the Complete Pack if you’re not able to customize your supplements to your lab work. We never miss a day!

Action #5: Surround Yourself with Likeminded People

Community goes hand in hand with mindset. If you want to change your life, you’ve got to change your mindset, and that often means making some changes to the people you’re hanging around.

We’re not talking about cutting people out of your life, but you may need to respectfully set boundaries around spending time with people who bring you down or don’t support your new healthier vision for your life.

We become like the people we spend the most time with, so if you want to level up your life, exercise more, eat better, etc., you’ve got to surround yourself with people who do those things, too, whether that’s in-person or even virtually.

When your actions come from a place of decision and vision, you'll make big strides towards your goals. Bottom line…If you change your mindset, get really clear on what you want for your life, and you begin taking actions that reflect the vision of the person you want to become…your life will change.

If nothing is working, you’ve got to be willing to try something different. And if you start today, a year from now, you could be a completely different person. It’s time to rewrite your story! Your transformation begins the moment you DECIDE it’s possible.

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